Garageband and iOS 8: What’s New?

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Apple’s latest update to their mobile operating system is here and while iOS 8 lacks a lot of the supeficial changes of it’s previous upgrade, it promises to add some long sought after features to it’s native music recording and production software.

Rumours around what updates to Garageband we would see were rife in the lead up to iOS 8’s launch – let’s wade through the hyperbole and see what’s been delivered, shall we?






Woodblock Haters, Rejoice!

Firstly, Apple added the ability to toggle the metronome on or off directly from Garageband’s control bar. It might not sound like mutch, but if – like me – you tend to mute the metronome at the first oppertunity and use a drum loop to keep in time, this little change will definitely save you a few fiddly seconds.

The ability to set the first section of a new song to match the length of your recording is another time saving addition and a sure sign that Apple listened to Garageband users’ issues this time around (Oh how I wish they’d do the same with users of the OS X version..)

This feature saves you the trouble of diving into the track options within Garageband itself – another UI win from Apple.



MIDI Over Bluetooth LE

Perhaps the most exciting addition to Garageband’s box of tricks in iOS 8 is the ability to connect compatible keyboards, drum pads, dj tools and other MIDI controllers wirelessly via Bluetooth LE.

This is fantastic news and only broadens the range of cool gadgets to play with and increases the potential to create some truly awesome tracks.


What’s your favourite iOS 8 flavoured addition to Garageband? Let me know in the comments below, or come and join the conversation on Twitter!


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