Ready To Master Garageband?


Hi there, i’m Patrick, the founder of GaragebandiOS.com and I love writing, recording and producing music.

I’m not a millionaire recording artist or even a professional sound engineer, but i’ve spent the last few years learning everything there is to know about making music with Garageband on iOS.


So if you’re having problems:


  • Recording great sounding audio with Garageband
  • Getting your head around how different aspects of the app work
  • How to add different sounds, instruments and third party apps to your projects
  • Knowing what gear works well and what doesn’t
  • Finding a wee corner of the internet where you can find out about all of the above and more…


You’re in the right place!


How Will Garageband iOS Help You?


I’ll dig through all the rumours, rubbish and gibberish to bring you the hottest Garageband and app news as and when it happens!

You’ll get in depth tutorials and how to’s on what you think are the most useful subjects (Get in touch and let me know what you want to see!)

I’ll hunt down the coolest and most useful gear and rate it – so you know what works and what to avoid!

From Audiobus to Amplitube, Singaling to Swoopster – you’ll find honest, no fluff reviews and impressions of the apps that will perfectly compliment your Garageband music making style.


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